GV-01 Precision Gauging

Machine Vision System for Precision Gauging


GageVision is an on-line gauging and measurement system using image processing of parts. It is a fast, easy, and accurate way to check dimensions, position of drill holes, angles, and distances. The software uses high precision (sub-pixel) techniques to compute the edges and centers of circles (drill holes). The user can define search region for drill holes and subsequently define different criteria such as distance between two points and angle of three points.

The system uses high-resolution industrial camera, precision lens and uniform LED lighting. The optical unit is protected against dust with an air pressure curtain.


  • Fast, easy, and accurate inspection of parts
  • On-line and off-line (file) processing modes
  • Tools for camera control and image enhancement
  • Automatic lens and geometric calibration
  • High precision (sub-pixel) measure of circle centers and edges
  • User defined criteria (50 distances + 50 angles)
  • Industrial camera, lens, and lighting
  • Industrial computer and rack

Hardware Specifications


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