NDT Instruments and Measurement Systems

SonicDiagnostic is an innovative company in the fields of non-destructive and measurement systems, which supplies products and solutions based on acoustic and vibration, eddy current, and image processing of parts and materials in production.

SonicDiagnostic incorporates state of the art technology and equipment to provide highly specialized testing procedures.

We offer a complete solution including feasibility study and parts analysis, installation of customized test line, instrumentation, software, calibration, customer support and training.

SonicDiagnostic team is committed to delivering timely, high-quality solutions to customer needs, and is driven by professionalism, integrity, and reliability.

  EddySonic-ARI Acoustic Resonant Inspection
  EddySonic-ECEddy Current Inspection
  GageVision Machine Vision for Precision Gauging
  PA Series Power AmplifiersHigh Voltage, High Power, High Speed Amplifiers